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Aesculapius necklace with wide links

Aesculapius necklace with wide links

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Esculape is the ring necklace with the widest links of Epidaure. This necklace bears the name of the Greek god of medicine, celebrated in Epidaure in the Peloponnese.

Made from precious materials, this gold-plated silver necklace allows you to keep your rings or wedding band safe at work or during your leisure activities.

Designed from precious materials , this gold-plated necklace on silver allows you to keep your rings or wedding band safe at work or during your leisure activities.

Elegant , it highlights your rings and goes perfectly with all your outfits. You can wear it with or without a ring.

The Aphrodite necklace is available in gold plated over silver and in solid 925 silver .

Technical description

  • Chain length: 75cm
  • Type of links: round forçat
  • Link width: 4mm
  • State and manufacturer's hallmarks


Solid 925 silver or solid silver plated with 18 carat gold to a thickness of 3 microns.

For the design of our jewelry, we only use precious metals. Our collars are hypoallergenic.

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Simple and easy to handle

All of our necklaces have a single chain length of 75cm and are claspless . The clasp is a fragile zone on necklaces and it never stays in place behind the neck for long, thus forcing you to do manipulations to put it back in its place.

The length of the chain allows you to pass the necklace over your head, to easily place your rings in the Epidaure pendant by handling it from an ideal distance from your eyes and to make it disappear into the neckline of your outfit if necessary.

Place your ring in the Epidaure system

Without having to remove the necklace or open the chain, your rings are caught in the chain of the pendant in 3 movements and with double security.

  • Utilisation du bijou Epidaure étape 1 : glissez la bague sur la chaînette

    Step 1

    Take off your ring and slip it into the chain.

  • Utilisation du bijou Epidaure étape 2 : ouvrez le fermoir à ressort

    2nd step

    Open the spring clasp.

  • Utilisation du bijou Epidaure étape 3 : glissez la plaque dans la fente du bijou.

    Step 3

    Slide the plate into the slot of the jewel.

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The chain slides in the center of the pendant then the ball locks in the center of the pendant.

And to free her ring?

  1. I open the clasp.
  2. I pull on the ball so that the plate is positioned opposite the slot.
  3. I slip the plate into the slot and pull it out.
  4. I release my ring from the chain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mon bijou fétiche

Je porte Esculape tous les jours, c’est devenu le véritable accessoire de mes tenues les rendant unique. L’alliage d’une grande qualité, son élégance en font le compagnon idéal. Très heureuse de ce magnifique cadeau.

Anne Castelli
Une super idée

très bel élément , ultra pratique. Fan !

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