Our values

Our challenge is to offer you your Epidaure jewel while remaining faithful to ethical choices that satisfy us and you:

so you can be proud of your Epidaurus!

Social Values :

All our suppliers are European. Everyone is paid for their work and benefits from social security in their country.

  • The jewelry, imagined and designed in France, is made in Portugal.
  • The pouches are made in a French workshop
  • Envelopes are made in Estonia

Environmental protection values:

  • Place of production nearby: no crossing by cargo ship across all the seas of the world.
  • The shipment has been designed to be 0% plastic and without unnecessary packaging: a protective envelope in very soft recycling wool to keep or recycle again and a pretty fabric pouch to use as you see fit.
  • No excessive stock: it is renewed over your orders (which can sometimes lead to some production delays)
Collier Epidaure porté par une femme élégante

French elegance

Are you tired of having your rings in a single file on your christening chain or stuck on a “paper clip” piece of jewellery?

No way for us to offer you a solution in which the practical would excuse the unsightly!

Epidaurus is above all a magnificent jewel!

Without a ring, its art deco-inspired pendant elegantly dresses up any of your outfits:

  • discreet and refined elegance, when it is mounted on a fine chain,
  • sleek and stylish elegance, mounted on thicker chains.

Once the rings are secure in the chain , it reinvents itself, as if by magic, into a second jewel in which your rings themselves become an element of symmetry of the new pendant.

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With Epidaure, reinvent the wearing of rings and be the ambassadors, respectful and elegant, of the new chic way of wearing them!