The History of Epidaure Working Jewel

A family business

Epidaure is a family business, founded by Charlotte the daughter, Nathalie the aunt and Pascale the mother.

Surgeons, we are forced to put on our rings every day to operate in sterile conditions.

Until then, everyone had their own strategy for storing their rings during interventions by inserting them in a chain at the cost of a perilous maneuver, by putting them in a pocket at the risk of sending them to the laundry room, by forgetting them there! Too many of us have already lost our precious rings!

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A professional jewel

From this morning ordeal shared by all our colleagues working in the field of health, was born the idea of ​​a jewel carrying a wedding ring that allows us to put our rings on with a simple gesture and to keep them on us in safety: A “working jewel” to meet hygiene requirements without giving up the symbolism of wedding rings, which means that you keep them on you, nor of course aesthetics!

For all active women

But the problem of wearing rings goes far beyond the framework of health professions: electricians, cooks, pastry chefs, travellers, sculptors, gardeners...

At work or in our leisure time, at one time or another of the day, we absolutely must or simply prefer not to have a wedding ring on our finger!

In addition, the barrier gestures put in place since the pandemic have reinforced the imperative need for hand hygiene. However, no washing, even with the hydroalcoholic gel, is effective rings in place and in addition, this gel damages your jewelry

Collier Epidaure porté par une femme qui est entrain d'enlever sa bague

Keep your rings safe

We placed ourselves under the benevolent protection of Esculape, the Greek god of medicine who was celebrated in the sanctuary of Epidaure. And we have developed the Epidaure system, a unique system that allows you to secure one or more rings, regardless of their weight.

The name and logo of Epidaurus

100 km south of Athens, Epidaurus is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Greece. Aesculapius, the god of medicine, was worshiped there.

The site is particularly famous for its magnificent theatre, which is incredibly well preserved.

Choosing the name Epidaurus means placing ourselves under the protection of our patron saint Aesculapius!

Our logo and the shape of our jewel are directly inspired by the shape of the theatre.